Commercial food trolleys are something that should not be absent from restaurants or any establishment that is related to catering. A good trolley will allow the workers to remain organized, all while reducing the labor and the time it would normally take to get a certain task done. Depending on your establishment, there may be certain trolleys that you might want to invest in. However, having a mix of several types of trolleys might prove to be quite convenient for any type of commercial catering service.

Selecting the Right Type of Trolley

Trolleys are generally made from high-quality materials that have the purpose to withstand heavy use – as well as great capacities. However, depending on the items that you plan on transferring, then you might want to invest in the right type of trolley. Plastic trolleys, for instance, are less expensive to purchase – but may not be very efficient when it comes to transporting heavyweight products. Still, they are a good choice if you have a small establishment with a more relaxed client flow.

However, if the establishment is relatively busy, then a stainless-steel trolley might be the better choice. They are not only more durable in the long run, but they can also carry more plates with heavier weight. Collection trolleys are also great to have around, as they allow you to safely carry the dirty dishes back to the kitchen. This way, the worker will no longer have to make endless trips back and forth to the kitchen – and will only have to go when the trolley is full.

Last but not least, gastronorm trolleys (also referred to as racking trolleys) are very useful when it comes to easily storing ingredients and pre-cooked food. Moreover, the castors for these trolleys will allow for easy movement of the food – in an attempt to maximize the time used. Just make sure that you pick the right size for your establishment.