Aqualine AQD1200 New Generation Pre-Rinse Unit

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Aqualine AQD1200 New Generation Pre-Rinse Unit

The Aqualine AQD1200 New Generation Pre-Rinse Unit has many unique features, you’ll appreciate the ease of use and rugged construction of this pre-rinse unit in your kitchen.

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The Aqualine AQD1200 New Generation Pre-Rinse Unit sounds like an excellent addition to any commercial kitchen. Its 6 Star rated spray valve is especially beneficial for water economy, which is crucial in busy culinary environments. The single-handle flow and mixer control provide simplicity and ease, streamlining kitchen operations during peak hours.

The unit’s construction includes a 200mm swing faucet with a convenient end-mounted control, ensuring versatility and efficiency. Being Watermark Approved and Wels rated, it complies with all Australian regulations, providing further assurance of its quality and safety standards. The 13-month on-site warranty against parts and labor adds an extra layer of security and trust for your investment.

Installation seems straightforward with the inclusion of full instructions and necessary hose connections, and the recommended installation with isolating stop valves ensures safety and maintenance ease. Its specifications, such as the operating water pressures and maximum temperature, make it robust for various kitchen demands.

Overall, the Aqualine AQD1200 offers a comprehensive solution that blends performance with durability, designed to meet the rigorous needs of modern kitchens.

All units come packed with full instructions and hose connections.

Conforms with AS/NZS3718, AS4020 AND AS/NZS6400
• Minimum Pressure: 50 Kpa
• Maximum Pressure: 350Kpa
• Optimum Pressure: 350 Kpa
Maximum Temperature: 80°C

All units should be installed with isolating stop valves.

Acqualine AQD1200 Deck Mount Pre Rinse

  • Deck Mount Pre Rinse
  • Complete with wall bracket, 200mm swing faucet
  • Single lever flow and temperature control
  • 6 Star rated spray gun
  • 4 Star rated pot filler
  • Single hole mount
  • Overall height: 960-1030mm
  • Hose length 845mm
  • Operating water pressure Min 50 kpa, Max 500 kpa

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